Are you ready to start training for your first Obstacle Course Race?


The OCR Training Plan is a 30-day race preparation program designed specifically for racers of all skill level. Each plan comes with a full calendar of workouts include running and strength training perodized to build into a successful race day. You have the option of choosing between beginner, intermediate, or advanced. 


Our beginner program targets racers who are looking to run their first obstacle course race. This will give a racer the foundation necessary to overcome some of the most common obstacles such as walls, rope climbs, and heavy carries.


During the intermediate program, a racer will focus on refinement of skills and strengths. The running program will become more challenging and the strength workouts will be more specific to techincal obstacles.


The advanced program give a racer the power and explosiveness necessary to take on any race length. The running is longer, with a mix of speed and incline, while the strength training focuses on merging multiple types of training to develop the most well-rounded racer.


All programs come with exercise videos.

The OCR Training Plan

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  • This is online training. Upon purchasing, you will receive an email containing training calendar and a video library.

    The OCR Training Plan is a general training plan which does not come with an option for revisions and modifications. Any modifications are made at your own discretion.

  • The OCR Training Plan is non-refundable.

Megan is a Certified Athletic Trainer, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and an Obstacle Specialist. She took her love for obstacle course racing and her extensive knowledge of the human body to develop a new style of OCR training


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