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Mobile Training

In Person Mobile Training brings the Gym to you! In Home or Local Training, within a 20 mile radius of Boston. All equipment provided

1-on-1 Training

Mobile Personal Training geared specifically for you. 


Small Group Training

Group Fitness Training for 2-8 People


Team Training

Designated Training specific for teams taking on their first OCR


Assisted Stretching

Manual Stretching and Active Myofscial Release dictated based on your needs

Mobile Equipment Includes

The OCR Trainer Mobile Gym


20kg Barbell

15kg Barbell

350lbs Bumper Plates

Portable Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar


15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb Kettlebells

15lb, 25lb Slamball

2x 50lb Wreckbags

20 inch Step Up

24 inch Step Up

Peg Board

Battle Rope

Tire Pull

Assortment of Grip Attachments

TRX Suspension Trainer

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